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Tracing Assets


How to locate a debtor’s bank account


You’ve been deceived by a fraudster, and now your money is kept in someone else’s accounts in a foreign currency? Your wealthy spouse declared himself dead broke in divorce court? The court ordered in your favour, and yet the assets due to be paid to you are still hidden? Or you just want to find someone’s bank account details, and the bank won’t give you the information?


We can help you find all the bank account details you need. We’ll find all the necessary information about any accounts, deposits and savings if they really exist. We’ll find the bank account of any individual and give you an exhaustive evaluation of your target’s financial activities and holdings, regardless of where his money is kept.


If you need to find someone’s bank account, come to us and we will provide you with the tools to do so. We can locate a debtor’s bank account and help you resolve your financial issues with the other party.


People come to us sometimes saying, “my ex , business partner is hiding property from me What can I do about it?” If your ex wife or husband , business partner is hiding property in Sri Lanka we will track down the property and prove who it actually belongs to. If debtors are hiding property from you we can locate the property Sri Lanka and find the true owner of the property.


We have a lot of experience successfully locating property in Sri Lanka. We know the correct channels, we’re in touch with the right people, and we know the right way to look for these things. What’s more, after we find what you are looking for, we can help you resolve disputes concerning real property, claim debts or give property back to its lawful owner.


And that’s not all

If you didn’t find the service you needed on the website, it doesn’t mean that Pinpoint can’t help you. The life has so many facets, that it’s impossible to describe each possible situation, give it a name and attach a price label to it. We don’t specify a number of services due to particularities of Sri Lankan legislation. We rely on good sense and understanding of our customers. Some things need to be read “between the lines”. Start with a simple thing: ask your question straight out. Contact us using your preferred method of contact. You can remain incognito if you want to. If you can’t discuss your issue over the phone, we can provide private consultation. We don’t peek in passports. We guarantee anonymity of your call. Your secret remains between us. This principle has been observed by Pinpoint for many years.