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Special Services

There are such assignments, which require not only high professionalism from the personnel, but also creative thinking, outstanding acting skills, expertise in psychology, as well as tactfulness, attention to detail and responsibility. Legion detective agency performs special assignments all over the world and doesn’t ask unnecessary questions, no matter how unusual or weird these assignments are.


This service includes the delivery of an important letter, valuable parcel, thing or package, and the delivery is performed in an agreed manner, at an agreed upon location and under strictly agreed upon conditions. It often takes a while to find the recipient, and then we have to wait for the perfect timing. Such missions can’t be assigned to a postman or delivery service.


Our company will undertake the tracking of the recipient and hand-deliver your item in strict compliance with the customer’s instructions. If necessary, we can provide a photo or video recording of the delivery moment, so the customer can see the reaction and emotions of the recipient.


There are people who claim that anybody can be seduced, with no exceptions. It only requires certain skills and knowledge of psychology and NLP. Pickup artists of both genders do it on a professional level, by honing their skills day after day. They have their own subculture, with closed parties, slang and other attributes. Such statements may sound overconfident, however the facts are stubborn: our company can count only a few failures of so-called pickup artists.


Pick-up contracts involve the cooperation of detectives with one pickup artist (man or woman). The artist’s task is to obtain consent for sexual activity from the target, and the detectives’ task is to professionally record this fact. The obtained material then becomes property of the customer and may be used at his discretion.


Sometimes when you’re in a certain place, you need to convince everybody that you’re in another one. Our detective agency will help you with this task.


We can create your story for you: we can develop your route, get you hotel receipts, car rental receipts, border crossing stamps, vouchers, photos against required backgrounds, publications on social media from the locations of your supposed stay, calls from any phone numbers, people who can confirm your legend and give it additional credibility ­­– these are just a few of our capabilities when it comes to the creation of a false alibi or, as the professionals say, a legend.


And that’s not all


If you didn’t find the service you needed on the website, it doesn’t mean that Pinpoint can’t help you. The life has so many facets, that it’s impossible to describe each possible situation, give it a name and attach a price label to it. We don’t specify a number of services due to particularities of Sri Lankan legislation. We rely on good sense and understanding of our customers. Some things need to be read “between the lines”. Start with a simple thing: ask your question straight out. Contact us using your preferred method of contact. You can remain incognito if you want to. If you can’t discuss your issue over the phone, we can provide private consultation. We don’t peek in passports. We guarantee anonymity of your call. Your secret remains between us. This principle has been observed by Pinpoint for many years.