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Pinpoint Code Of Honor

When we started Pinpoint, we developed a code of honor to make it clear to our clients and to our employees what is expected of us, what we, as private detectives, what the characteristics of a good detective are, and what practical guidelines we follow:


We do not provide intermediary services for the purchase of vehicles from automobile thieves.


We are not involved in the abduction or kidnapping of any children in the interests of one of the parents.


We do not work or do business with paid psychics, fortune-tellers, clairvoyants, mediums, witches or sorcerers.


We do not accept orders from the mentally ill.


We do not accept orders if other detective agencies are already working on them.


We do not discriminate in terms of gender, nationality, political beliefs, or on any other basis.


We do not take on orders unless we believe they can be successfully carried out.


We do not search for pets.


We do not accept orders from individuals or organizations whose activities may be directed against the interests of Sri Lanka, and directly or indirectly contribute to the undermining of the constitutional order or destabilization in any other form of the situation in the country.


Thank you for understanding!