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For Individuals


If you think your partner is cheating, there’s no shame in trying to confirm whether they are or not. At worst you will be able to discover the truth and can move on with your life. At best you will be at peace knowing that your partner can be trusted, reaffirming your investment in the relationship.


It’s a win-win situation and we at Pinpoint are here to help you achieve it – in a strictly confidential manner and with a stellar degree of professionalism. If you wish, our private investigators can follow your partner and record their actions through high-quality surveillance footage


If someone has gone missing and you are wondering what to do, it may be in everyone’s best interest to hire a private detective to find the person. Whether a someone disappeared yesterday or you’ve been trying to find a missing person for years, we will start our work immediately. Depending on the case we offer different approaches and solutions.


Our detectives have clear and proven methods of tracking missing people, and they’re ready to get into action right away.


Depending on the case, actions may include:

  • Involving / cooperating with the Police
  • Mobile search brigades
  • Appeals through mass media and social networks
  • Obtaining the help of experts in related fields


How to find out who my mother or father is?


Many children have been raised in broken homes, either by step parents, foster parents or orphanages.


Many of them consider people who are not their biological parents to be their real parents. Children grow up, but their true origins remain sealed off from them. If you have grown up removed from your biological parents, we can help you find your real parents.


If you have any doubts, or you suspect you have been deceived, we can help you find out who your biological father or mother is.


It’s very important for people to know what their biological parents looked like, who they were, what they did and how fate separated them from their own children. We believe that everyone has the right to know the truth about oneself and one’s roots, if desired. Whatever the truth is, it’s better than white lies or ignorance. Every person has the right to see his or her father and mother in real life.


However, it can often be very difficult to find biological parents, on your own without help. This kind of affairs are delicate and can be painful, especially without help or the needed resources. With our help and guidance, you can discreetly find out who your biological parents are, or the identity of your biological mother or father, and with that information do as you please.


Hire a detective to track a debtor.


Figuring out how to keep track of debtors is a concern that can turn into a major problem for companies and individuals. Considering how sensitive this sphere of activity is, the best course of action would to hire a specialist to track debtors for you. We are very experienced in this field. We know how to keep track of debtors, and we know how to do it well. If your debtor has moved and doesn’t want to give your money back, we’ll help you find him. Bailiffs often delay searches for debtors. We respond quickly – we search by surname, address, phone, travel tickets etc. Please be advised that we only conduct searches. Our company DOES NOT render hard collection services (recovery of debts). This type of business doesn’t comply with our business standards and life principles.


However, nothing prevents us from helping track debtors who hide from their creditors or the police. We can find people anywhere in the world. It doesn’t made if a debtor has moved, disappeared, or changed all of his information. Our focus point is tracking – that’s what collectors and the Federal Bailiff Service don’t deal with. They have different tasks and they don’t have an actual database like we do.


We get involved if bailiffs can’t find a debtor. While tracking debtors we use our personal contacts and all the information that we have collected on the debtor ourselves to obtain their location. Then we transfer all the materials to you, so you can go to the debtor’s house or office together with bailiffs. That is much more effective and legitimate than the use of sketchy organizations with shady and often criminal histories. With our help you can track a debtor lawfully, legally, and effectively without the usual hangups you would face with the police.


We can discuss prices and terms at a personal consultation. Everything discussed in our consultations remains confidential. We understand that our clients are often unwilling to display their income sources and other features of their business.