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For Business Entities


Imagine that you’re always one step ahead of your competitors. At a minimum. You get all the contracts. You get all the clients. You are always the first to take niche markets. Your investments are always successful and don’t involve extra risks. Your employees are the finest professionals. You know all the weak spots of your competition, and when they are exposed, you are prepared and ready to strike the killing blow.


If you have us conduct a business intelligence operation for you you won’t have to imagine what this would be like. With our help you will be able to find out about your competition’s plans and prepare in advance. Your rivals will have to keep up with you now, instead of the other way around.


If you are struggling to keep up with your competitors and want a leg up, we can offer you a few options. You can hire a detective to gather information on competitors, you can introduce an informant into a competing company, or you can recruit an informant from a rival company. If you hire a detective to gather information on your competitors you will know everything there is to know about them. You will have a detailed picture of their strengths and weaknesses and a good idea of how to gain ground on them.


If you choose to introduce an informant into a rival company’s team you will be given a front row seat to the inner operations of your competitor. Now you’ve got eyes and ears in your competitor’s team. You know literally everything – from future deals to gossip from the last corporate event. You have to admit, it’s much more cost-effective than spending money on marketing and commercials in an attempt to overtake your competitor. All you need is one person who’ll replace the entire department, who’ll report the most secret, important and relevant information to you on a daily basis. By knowing everything about your competitor, you’ll become more successful without needless extra costs.


Likewise, if you recruit an informant from a rival company you will also have at your disposal the most important and sensitive information about your competitor. We can recruit informants and introduce informants into rival teams without raising the suspicions of the rival company. It can be an ordinary employee, manager or somebody close to the director, depending on your request.


While you are reading this text, the guard at your company is probably solving a crossword puzzle. Quite often intelligence level does not allow most security personnel to do more than guard a locked door. That’s why there is a need for part-time and freelance security services. If you are frustrated and feel that your security can’t get the job done, hire our security service and we will deliver the results you want.


The main advantage of this service is that it is invisible to your employees. This allows us to conduct inspections at the enterprise, control purchases, introduce mystery shoppers, and objectively evaluate the quality of the personnel’s work. At the same time, the scope of our service is not limited to solving the internal problems of your company. It’s also oriented towards thwarting external threats. We can test business partners, protect you from espionage or extortion attempts, and assess possible risks or search for scammers.


Our detective agency is ready to become your freelance security service. We will solve any internal or external problems of your organization, and save you from unnecessary headaches. If you hire our security service you can fully concentrate on making money.


Sometimes people come to us and say, “I have an employee that is deceiving me,” or “my employees are stealing, what can I do?” The truth is that preventive measures must be taken from the start. When you are looking to hire someone you must be extremely careful with who you select. You should always do a background check before hiring an employee.


With our help, doing a background check before hiring an employee is both a thorough and easy process. We not only check previous convictions, our detectives will find out about the prospect’s previous employment, the reason for his or her dismissal, check whether or not his documents are genuine, etc. We can also check your current employees, if someone draws suspicions. If, for example, you think that your employee is stealing or deceiving, cooperating with your competitors or seems to be involved in something untoward, we can help you deal with it. We can gather a dossier on an employee for you and thoroughly check your personnel for deception.


Unfortunately in most cases, personnel audits begin only after the occurrence of unpleasant events, which cause financial and immaterial losses. This is how management realizes the dangers inherent in hiring an unfamiliar person, or even a person on recommendation, but without going through a proper vetting process. After all, employees get access to an immeasurable amount of sensitive and secure information.


But perhaps a prospective employee has had two convictions in the past. Or maybe he is a spy sent by your competitors. Or maybe he bought his diploma on the Internet? You should know it before such person becomes part of your team.


We’ll discover everything hidden related to your potential employee.


You’ll have the most detailed dossier possible on the person you’re going to employ.


How to resolve arguments without going to court.


We can help you resolve any conflict or argument without going to court. The services of our mediator are very popular in St. Petersburg. We can help in all manner of conflicts, from labor disagreements to corporate disputes. If you are looking for effective conflict mediation in Russia or abroad, you can be sure that the cost of our mediation services is much lower than the amount of financial damage that would be headed your way in a long and drawn-out litigation process.


Sadly, the judicial system and justice have less and less in common these days. There is no such thing as impartiality in the world at all. Any lawyer will tell you that. If you want to gain something you have to be able to negotiate with others, to seek a compromise. Even if you go through with the whole trial process it will only result in one person benefitting at the expense of both. But there is an alternative option — conflict mediation. These are negotiations mediated by a third, independent party, which is interested in ensuring that the trial is resolved most favorably for both sides. This can be particularly useful in cases involving redistribution of property, business squabbles or disputes over parental rights, when it is impossible to negotiate independently. Everyone understands that the court is not the best answer to most situations: it takes time, you have to pay lawyers exorbitant fees, and it can entail a substantial blow to your reputation. A pretrial conflict settlement can be in the interests of all parties.


We can act in the capacity of the third party for you. Together we will develop an acceptable solution, which will be adopted by both parties of the dispute and help you both to resolve your conflict without going to court. The mediator must see the whole picture of the dispute from above and thus help to find common ground for the warring parties, making them, if not comrades, partners. A mediator is one who builds bridges, not walls.

Collection of information


Those who own the information, own the world — or at least have success in business. Perhaps that’s what Rothschild’s famous quote might say today. Now gathering a dossier on someone is a proven and reliable tool in the business world. It can be a dossier on your competitors, a collection of your employees’ personal data, or important information about public people or major business players with whom you wish to get in touch, but you can’t find the right approach. When you gather a dossier you find everything out about someone. The dossier will provide you with all the information available about someone; you can check if someone has criminal ties, find out about someone’s medical diagnoses, etc. It would be an asset for any businessman to have a detailed profile of each employee in his company, and to maintain such an index as his company expands. And beyond the business world, if you are looking to find the dark spots in someone’s past, at Legion we can guide you.


Such work requires an individual approach and takes time. For your business purposes we’re ready to gather a dossier on anyone you wish. Everything we do is legal and doesn’t come with any risk for the customer.


In fact, every company is a reflection of its owner, in more ways than are immediately apparent. Whether a company has a bad reputation or a firm is reliable – it depends on the businessman. Each organization is a unique mechanism, wherein every gear plays its role. Only its designer, the man who benefits the most from his creation, knows the whole truth and sees the whole picture. Other people can’t get access to the engine compartment. However, sometimes one feels the need to look under the hood. If you want to bet on this engine in a business race, or want to steer it yourself, you will probably want to take a glance at the inner machinations.


The best way to get a look at these inner machinations is to gather a dossier on a company. When you order a dossier on a company, you can check the reputation of the company, get the credit history of the company, find out the true financial situation of this company, and find out who the true owners of the company are. Our specialists will get access to the most complex financial aspects of any company and study every detail of it for you. You’ll have the most comprehensive view of any company, firm, or organization possible without being the creator of that company yourself.


And that’s not all


If you didn’t find the service you needed on the website, it doesn’t mean that Pinpoint can’t help you. The life has so many facets, that it’s impossible to describe each possible situation, give it a name and attach a price label to it. We don’t specify a number of services due to particularities of Sri Lankan legislation. We rely on good sense and understanding of our customers. Some things need to be read “between the lines”. Start with a simple thing: ask your question straight out. Contact us using your preferred method of contact. You can remain incognito if you want to. If you can’t discuss your issue over the phone, we can provide private consultation. We don’t peek in passports. We guarantee anonymity of your call. Your secret remains between us. This principle has been observed by Pinpoint for many years.