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Why hire a private investigator?

Private investigators are experienced in searching public/ private records and have access to information sources that the general public does not. Our job is to help organizations, members of the public, and solicitors to solve sensitive or difficult problems by discretely gathering evidence and information. Pinpoint can help you in getting the answers for your issues of relationship, protect your business or even give you peace of mind. The gathered evidence can be produced before courts.

Why an Attorneys hire a Private detective?

An experienced Lawyer knows that hiring Private Detective can be essential to gathering the evidence necessary to make a winning case. In fact, most successful law firms make sure to form a relationship with a reliable detective agency, or at the least maintain a detective staff to conduct further research on their files and subjects.


Here are some reasons law-firms hire Detective

  1. Conduct research from archived public records and specialized databases.
  2. Gather and verify evidence
  3. Validate existing evidence.
  4. Investigate and recreate crime and accident scenes.
  5. Work closely with law enforcement to gather additional facts.

How is the Confidentiality guaranteed?

The subject of your case will never find out that he is being surveillance or somebody is behind him due to any reason. No matter what happens, we promise you full confidentiality. We will remain discreet and there is nothing that can ever bother you from our side. We will only call you at time that you specify and will never give our company name over the phone. Pinpoint, does not keep records of your contact or surveillance any longer than is absolutely necessary.

How much do you charge for your services?

Our Initial consultation is no obligation and free of charge.


The cost of the investigation depends heavily on the assignment. The nature of the case, targeted profile and surveillance movements etc, need to be identified prior to the quote. it’s hard to deliver an accurate quote without knowing your specific situation.

How does our process work?

A private investigator’s reputation is built not only on their success but also on customer trust.  Reputable private investigators like ours at Pinpoint, follow below process.

  1. Initial consultation is no obligation and free of charge.
  2. Once the case is explained to us in person, will be carrying out pre-surveillance to determine the cost.
  3. If the cost is agreeable, will start immediately after the advance payment is been made.
  4. While the process is going on, our clients are well informed about the progress of surveillance.
  5. Once the completion of agreed deliverables, balance payment would be invoiced and the final report will be handed over.

Handling conflict of Interest

Prior to undertaking an investigation if conflict of interest is identified, we would advise you that we could no longer investigate your case, and all existing information relating to the case would be destroyed including web inquiry.

Do you guarantee my work?

We do guarantee our work, but we cannot always guarantee that the result of a surveillance or search will provide you with the information you desire. We guarantee the truth and there are instances where people do not like what they’ve learnt. Our clients are well informed about the progress of an investigation and the need for any additional searches or records.

Who are employees of Pinpoint?

In our understanding private detective is not simply an investigator. Each of us has his own narrow specialization. Detective agency consists of several regiments. Some of us search for people and their assets, others conduct intelligence, third ones gain information. At pinpoint clients can hire detectives as well as get psychological and legal support. Usually people think that detective services are provided by former law enforcement officers; we are of another sort. We value unique mind, rare skills and personalities. You are welcome visit our website and definitely read our “Blog of Detective”.

Pinpoint is an firm or Private Detective – Individual?

First of all – select people who cause trust. But keep in mind that a man by himself is limited in abilities. Serious investigations are always conducted by a group. There are employees in staff of our agency who can conduct various jobs. It is easier than to hire contractors. We have only trustworthy investigators on board; they will not fail in moment “X”. We are “Pinpoint”.